Full Frame Camera System

The VENICE camera features an all-new full-frame sensor with the classic 36 x 24-mm dimensions that have been a staple of photography for over 100 years. Designed exclusively for high-end cinematography, this sensor can capture images up to a maximum resolution of 6048 x 4032. Switchable imager modes mean VENICE can support an unprecedented number of cinematic aspect ratios for complete creative freedom.

In full-frame, you can use the full 6048 pixel width of the sensor for 6K capture. Equivalent to 4-perforation motion picture film, this mode allows for extra-shallow depth of field, super-wide angle shooting, and other creative effects.

For super-wide screen productions, VENICE offers two full-height 2x squeeze anamorphic imager modes that include 6:5 and 4:3 recording modes for 12:5 (known as 2.39:1) and 8:3 (2.66:1) scenes, respectively.

Note: The R7 Recorder is required for recording 6k images and the full sensor area (3:2 aspect ratio). The max resolution that can be recorded to SxS media is 4k 17:9 down-sampled from 6k 17:9.

The new High Frame Rate license allows VENICE to shoot at speeds of up to 120fps at 4K 2.39:1, and 60fps at 6K 3:2 as well as up to 110fps at 4K 17:9 and 75fps at 4K 4:3 with anamorphic lenses. The new additional frame rates are particularly well-suited for drama, movie and commercial productions in 4K and 6K, as well as productions at 50/60p in 6K and VR productions using large viewing angle of 6K 3:2 in 60p.

Sony Venice Sensor Modes

Sony Venice Sensor Modes


+ What's Included?

- Sony Venice Camera
- High Speed License
- Full Frame License
- Anamorphic License
- Arri Pro Set Accessory Kit
- EL200 Viewfinder
- PL Mount
- Sony E-mount
- Wooden Camera Gold Mount D-Box
- Wooden Camera audio XLR adapter

- Sony R7 RAW Recorder (required for 6k)
- 256GB SxS cards

+ What lens mount options are available?

The Venice includes an LDS PL mount. By removing six screws, the PL mount can be removed to reveal a Sony E-mount. You can then adapt the E-mount to Canon, Nikon, Leica, and more.

+ What the heck does full frame mean?

Full Frame is referring to a century-old film/sensor size that is roughly 36x24mm. It is said to have a more natural field of view and bokeh(out of focus background characteristics) compared to the tighter Super 35mm size.

+ What Recording Modes Are Available?

- Full Frame @ 6k
- Super35 Anamorphic @ 4k
- Super 35 @ 4k

+ What is Dual ISO?

By utilizing dual circuitry in the sensor the Venice can accomodate two base ASA's; 500 and 2500.

+ How do I figure out field of view?

To figure out a full frame equivelent field of view in 6k full frame mode, take a Super 35mm lens and divide by 1.5.

+ What are the High Frame Rate options?

v4.0 High Speed License

[Full Frame]
6k 3:2 up to 60fps
6k 2.39 up to 90fps
6k 17x9,16x9 up to 72fps

4k 4:3 up to 75fps
4k 6:5 up to 75fps

[Super 35]
3.8k 16:9 up to 110fps
4k 17:9 up to 110fps
4k 2:39 up to 120fps

+ Can you shoot anamorphic?

Yes, our Venice includes the Anamorphic license. There are currently two anamorphic shooting modes; 4k 4:3 and 4k 6:5. *These modes use a traditional s35 imager size and not a full frame size.